Our Community, Our Voices, Our Health.

Art is what brings us together. It is our shared common language. Artists often act as our culture-bearers, storytellers and trusted messengers. Their work speaks to us and engages us. We look to them to relay information in our community and help us crystalize our thoughts and experiences.

And our state’s artists have generously shared their gifts and voices in a mission to address the barriers, and overcome the challenges, facing our community during the COVID-19 pandemic. About this program.

You have a voice, too. Protect it.

Ensure the health and safety of our community. Get vaccinated today.

Jasmine Bell +
North Bear Singers

Jasmine Bell and the North Bear singers have collaborated on a sacred hoop dance and honor song in their native language and style of movement that pays tribute to traditional healing ceremonies. Their art remembers the loved ones we’ve lost to the virus, and honors the never-ending circle of life.

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Janissa Marie Annalissia Martinez

Janissa’s own family was one of many in Wyoming that was torn apart by vaccine hesitancy. She has created a bilingual, multi-media autobiographical fiction piece that aims to express her and her family’s feelings of isolation and heartache at not being able to see each other throughout the pandemic.

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Jared Rogerson

As a self-proclaimed songwriting ambassador of the American West, Jared Rogerson created a country music song and accompanying video that reflects on his personal COVID-related losses. His song follows a narrator on a vaccination journey and addresses real-life concerns with logic and emotion.

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Rose Pecos-SunRhodes +
Jared SunRhodes

Wyoming artists, Rose Pecos-SunRhodes and Jared SunRhodes, created an illustrated children’s book that encourages all readers to express their feelings and emotions about loss and isolation. Their story features ledger art that follows one family’s journey through the pandemic.

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The mission of the Wyoming Arts Council is to provide leadership and invest resources to champion, sustain, and cultivate community through the arts. WAC’s Health & Wellness Through the Arts program builds awareness of the connections between participation in the arts and the overall health and wellness of Wyoming residents.